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| Friday, March 11, 2005

The 5th Chinese Movies Media Award gala will be held on 20 March in Guangzhou. As the Chinese Movie 100th Anniversary Image Ambassador, Andy Lau is catching all the attention as he accepted an interview earlier talking about his views on movies.

Reporter (R) : So how to you look at the list of 100 movies, directors and actors?

Andy (A) : This is the selection of the judges, every person has different standard. I think the crew members behind the scene also have award as chinese movies are pieced up together just like a jigsaw puzzle.

R : When compared with other countries like the States, what you think are the differences when compared with chinese movies?

A: American movies' market had matured and developed while chinese movies are still growing. Actually we're not worst than America, there are more Chinese, I believe that it isn't a difficult task to exceed the Americans. The biggest difference is that Americans support their own movies, but Chinese is different, take Zhang Yimou for example, being a talent hard to come by in 100 years, but I manage to read a newspaper in China scolding Zhang. Why Chinese don't support thei own film makers? What will benefit chinese movies is to be more open in the theme, the biggest difference between chinese and american movies is its theme. Hollywood can film movies of all themes, if our themes can be more open, I dare say that chinese movies will blossom and will gain more success and improved in standard.

R: What are Chinese movies lacking?

A: Using what diector Feng said: "What is lacking in the 21st century? Talent!" Theme is also lacking.

R: So what will you be doing about it?

A: Firstly is to concentrate to shoot good movies, next is to create more chances for newcomers.

R: As you've already 111 movies to your name, what's quantity to you?

A: Quantity is the reflection of capability, when there's people like to watch, thus able to continue shooting.

R: Many actors were saying when the quality of movies are high, there won't be high quantity, do you agree?

A: It's two different matter.

R: You have 3 movies being selected for the 100 movies list which is Boat People, Days of Being Wild and Infernal Affairs.

A: Boat People is my second movie, then I was still shooting TV drama serials, I can't forget kissing Cora Miao as she's like a goddess to me, very beautiful, when shooting the kissing scene, I was so scared and nervous. After finish shooting the scene, I vow that I won't do it again. Never expect on the second day, director Ann Hui told me that the film of the kissing scene is missing and a re-shoot is needed, I almost fainted. When everyone see me so nervous and scared, they then told me that it was a joke.

R: In your heart, how you think chinese movies should be?

A: I really hope that chinese movies can keep on improving.

Andy's last year movies - A World Without Thieves and House of the Flying Daggers are collaborated movies thus unable to be nominated in several movie awards ceremonies. With regards to this, Andy says: "This is the problem with the judging panel, like Golden Rooster awards, it doesn't open to Hong Kong actors, every ceremony has its own rules. It's also a pity that AWWT and HOFD cannot be nominated in Hong Kong Films Awards, but not disappointed as the audience love for the movies are already very good awards. Of course, I'll continue to support and film good movies, as Mainland China and Hong Kong will have more collaborations, I also like to collaborate with Chinese directors like Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang, they are some of my favorite directors."

When talked about Fruit Chan whom he nurture, Andy reveal that it was Chan whom took the initiative to ask him for help, when he feel that he could help Chan, he went ahead to lend the vinyl film for Chan to shoot his movie. However independent movies seldom earn money but Andy think otherwise as he express that new blood need to be injected into movies, if you give chances to newcomers, it'll be their first step into success, hope that the newcomers' product will earn audiences' acceptance and recognition thus future investors will be confidence to invest in them which will give them a larger space and chance to serve the movie industry.

news from: cnhubei.com, Sina.com