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| Wednesday, March 09, 2005

People were discussing the Chinese 100 Movies, China's 100 Directors and China's 100 Actors which were picked by the 5th Chinese Movies Media Award. Recently, Andy Lau was appointed and invited by the committee to be the Chinese Movie 100th Anniversary Image Ambassador to endorse the activities of chinese movie's 100th anniversary as he'll be attending the Chinese Movie 100th Anniversay Gala on 20 March in Guangzhou, he'll also be presenting a speech.

It was told that the committee had several conditions when selecting its image ambassador, first the person must always focus his movie career in the Chinese movie market, second - an impressive result in his movie career and contribute to the movie industry, thirdly the person must have a certain level of popularity, fourth - the person must be enthusiastic in promoting Chinese movies. Andy had been in the movie industry for more than 20 years and filmed a total of 123 movies, his healthy and hardworking images garned recognition among the Chinese audience. Since winning the Taiwan's Golden Dragon Best Actor award in 1998, he had won a total of 17 acting awards, Andy's high requirement for his own acting, professionalism and hardworking is being tagged as a miracle in Hong Kong movie industry. In between, he also had a box office takings of several millions. In 1990, he set up his own movie production company to invest and produced movies of indenpendent film makers which include Fruit Chan.

Andy was delighted to be selected to become Chinese Movie 100th Anniversary Image Ambassador as to him, the role is meaningful and come with huge responsibilities. He says: "I never expect that I'll be selected to be the ambassador, I'm very honored, chinese movies step into its 100th anniversary, I just happen to meet this anniversary, I don't think that I can see the 200th anniversary, but I hope that through my hardwork, my name will be among the lists in the 200th anniversary." Meanwhile, Andy also express that he hope to contribute for movies and make them shine.

In order to promote the 100th year of chinese movie, Andy is currently preparing for the photo shoot for the ambassador poster as it'll be used as promotion to Chinese Movie 100th Anniversay Gala. Come 20 March, Andy will be attending the gala in Guangzhou, he will also represent the 100 directors and actors to give a speech.

news from: Nanfang City Daily