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| Saturday, May 28, 2005

Alan Tam will be holding his solo concerts during the summer holidays. It was heard that his concert will be held from 25 August at the Hong Kong Coliesum, titled Alan Tam 30th Years of Love Concert, 10 nights were confirmed, there will be different performing special guest each night, and the first guest will be Andy Lau.

When asked why he approach Andy to be his first night's guest, he quoted that Andy sang one of his composition - 'Xia Yu Wan Shan'. Then, Andy was being put into cold storage by TVB, Alan then console and advice Andy, he told him to shoot 2 more years of movies before releasing an album, if not he need to work harder, that is 10 times more hardworking than others, differ yourself as an actor to become a singer, love your fans as though they're your family members, with the success that Andy is enjoying now, Alan feel happy for him.

With regards to Andy's singing, Alan pointed out that there are still room for improvement, he says: "I think he sound better when he sang Live, I don't know why, maybe due to the requirement of the producer or his focus, he's a tough guy."

In addition, Alan gave another advice to Andy: "If he really want to become a showbiz magnate, then you must concentrate in the backstage, you can't be on the stage and backstage together. Once I see him in a fan club gathering, he was full of ease on stage creating a good atmosphere, but when he came offstage, he was all exhausted on a bench, it's too hard for him, he's too tired as he need to handle everything, he should share the burden with someone else."

When talked about Andy when he first entered showbiz, Alan expose him as he says: "There was once when I perform onstage with him, he was suppose to duet my song with him, however he failed to remember any of the lyrics, as he could only 'lalala' throughout the song, then I told the audience that this is the 'La La Song' brought to you by Alan Tam, he had creativity."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News