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| Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tang Kin Kwok, Yu Kexin and Dou Dou discuss of collaboration

Since Yu Kexin published her book - Qing Hai Xing Kong - I and Andy Lau which create quite a stir. It was heard that a scriptwriter from Mainland China, Tang Kin Kwok had decided to bring the book to the silver screen as he invite Yu to his bungalow in Guangzhou for their first round of discussion.

Tang's idea is that Yu will not be another character in the movie, whereas she'll be like the female lead in Titanic whom will only narrates her memories, thus she will only appear in the beginning and the end of the movie, meanwhile a newcomer that resemble Andy will be chosen as he male lead.

Tang express that he had picked a newcomer who is 'Dou Dou' whom played the male lead character B in the musical Snow.Wolf.Lake. Yu was excited of the idea and has a high chance of collaboration.

Tang added that if nothing crops up, the movie will start shooting in September or October, he says: "We must respect history as we will be location shooting in the actual venue that Yu and Andy dates."

news from: SingPao