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| Thursday, May 26, 2005

Andy Lau whom had contribute his efforts and money into movies, his Focus Film had collaborate with Star Chinese Movies Network to produce 6 movies with 7 new directors. The first movie to start shooting had been confirmed to be Taiwanese director Lee Yun Chan's fairy tale Mermaid, Taiwanese Vivian Hsu stand a high chance for the female lead while the male lead will be either selected from Formula 17's Yang You-ning or Duncan, the movie will start shooting in Taiwan in June.

With regards to how Lee Yun Chan was discovered, movie company's spokesman says: "We had noticed Formula 17 and feel that it's been some time a Taiwanese movie to have such a good market, then when we attended the Golden Horse Film Awards, we met the production team whom were all very young, we feel that it's good and they recommend Lee Yun Chan to us. (Did Andy involve in selecting the cast?) Nope, He only stress on the script and won't be involved in selecting the cast, Andy always points out that the 6 movies must be meaningful but the way of presentation must be normal."

The other 6 directors were currently working out the scripts, like Ng Ching Po and Lee Kung Lok collaborated PG Parental Guidance and Lam Tze Chung's Free to Drink Tea.

PG Parental Guidance narrates a married middle-aged man facing the choice of an affair and getting along with his 16-years-old daughter. It was alleged that Leon Lai was cast for the character but his schedule could not permits. Meanwhile for Lam's movie, in order to discover newcomers, an audition will be held.

news from: Oriental Daily News