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| Sunday, May 29, 2005

Andy Lau accepted Edward Lam's invitation to be interviewed in RTHK yesterday. Both sing praise of each other as Andy praise Edward's talented while in return he commented that Andy's acting kept improving.

Andy exclaim that he always hope to collaborate with Edward as he approach him earlier for a movie script, but Johnnie To was a step faster as he approached Edward first, however Andy will not be disappointed as he decided to asked Edward to write a script for him after he had completed Johnnie's script. Other than movies, Andy was also invited by Edward to sing the theme song for the musical The Great Entertainer, thus Andy also hope to collaborate a muscial with Edward.

Edward praise Andy had shown improvement in every movie, as Andy had lost his feeling of a star thus he need not seek changes and returns to acting with poses. Upon hearing, Andy quipped that he took 20 years to transformed himself into a acting category, never expected that this date, he heard advice that he need not changes. With regards to this, Edward gave his opinion as he pointed out that Andy still have a star's action in the movie Fulltime Killer. Andy explains that it was the requirement of the director as he also feel that it was unnatural.

Alan Tam mentioned in an earlier interview that if Andy were to become a showbiz magnate, he should retire and concentrate in backstage works. Andy quipped that if he were to retire, he rather not to become a showbiz magnate, on seeing that he set up his own company will let others think that he wanted to become a showbiz magnate, but that was not his intentions.

With regards to Alan's comments that maybe he was affected by the producer as he seems to sing Live better, Andy says: "I don't know how to answer, half he was correct, about the other half, let all of you guess!"

news from: Wei Wen Po, MingPao, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, SingTao News