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| Sunday, June 19, 2005

Best Actor Andy Lau was in Taiwan for the press conference of his new invested movie, when reporters asked him about the health conditions of his good friend Sammi Cheng, Andy express seriously: "I tried to contact her with all sort of ways, I can gurantee to everybody, she's fine."

Currently, there are allegations of Sammi's poor health as she has cancer and depressive disorder. As her best friend, Andy is really concern of her health, he express that Sammi is indeed hard to locate as he tried all sort of ways to get in contact with her thus he seize the chance of the press conference to tell all concerned fans of Sammi that she's doing fine, thanks for all the concern.

Andy and Sammi had collaborate in many movies before, they could talk anything under the sun, if Sammi is facing any difficulties, she should also seek help from her friends, with the best actor helping her to clarify the allegations, the percentage of belief is indeed increased.