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| Saturday, June 18, 2005

Andy Lau's Focus Film and STARS Chinese Movie Network collaboration - Focus First Cuts held a press conference yesterday for their first project - The Shoe Fairy. The film will be directed by Golden Horse Film Awards Best Short Film director Robin Lee and the male and female leads were Duncan and Vivian Hsu.

Andy appeared at the press conference as a special guest to show his support to the director and cast. Vivian was stunned and shocked when she found out about Andy's appearance. Andy also perform magic as he "create" a golden shoe from his bare hand.

Vivian expressed that she likes The Shoe Fairy's script very much and took her hat off for Andy's love for movies, she quipped that she won't mind even if the fees she got for the movie is just NTD$2000 (around HK$500).

With regards to whether Andy will cameo in the movie, director Robin Lee expressed her anticipation as she expected the boss will be visiting her at the set as she prepared a "technican" role for him, but he didn't appear thus the role was given to Lam Tze Chung.

Robin expressed that there will be half day characters and will be prepared for Andy to cameo if he pay them a visit, she also thanks the support from Andy.

Shooting has begun on the first project, Robin Lee’s The Shoe Fairy, in Taipei. The “fairy tale love drama” is a co-production of Three Dots Entertainment and Focus Films. Upcoming films include PG from Hong Kong’s Wong Ching Po; Rain Dogs from Ho Yuhang in Malaysia; I’ll Call You from Hong Kong’s Lam Tze Chung; Singaporean Kelvin Tong with The Pool Chronicles; and Crazy Stone from China-based director Ning Hao.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, Sun News, Ta Kung Pao