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| Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Andy Lau celebrated Andy World Club's 17th anniversary with more thousands of fans from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan and Korea 2 nights ago. They also celebrated Father's Day at the same time, other than sending his blessings to his father with the fans, a filial Andy also kneel down to present the cake to his father which delights him.

The 17th anniversay gathering was held at Kowloon Conventional Centre, other than the fans in attendance, Andy's good friends which includes Felix Wong, Miu Kiu Wai, Lam Ka Tung and Andy's god-daughter Ellis Tang also attended. They also celebrated Father's Day with Andy's father, as it was also Miu's birthday, they also sing a birthday song to him, it was a happy occassion. Andy also show his fans what is filial by kneeling down to present the cake to his father. With regards to the Father's Day present, Andy exclaimed that he had prepared a red packet for him to go and purchase the items that he liked.

Andy quipped that he doesn't know the feeling of being a father but he know the feeling being a god-father but there isn't a special day for god-father thus he doesn't get to collect any presents. However Andy will be "retiring" from his god-father status very soon as his god-daughter Ellis decided to leave Hong Kong at the end of the year to continue her studies overseas. Andy prepared a "All the best to your studies" gold plate for her and asked the fans to send her the blessing and hope that she could have a new chapter in her life. Ellis never expected such caring from Andy as she was moved to tears with the sudden present and she immediately gave Andy a hug to thank him.

Having being in showbiz for some time, Ellis said that she was fortunate to have Andy taking care of her but she still chose to further her studies in the end as she plans to jet off to France to continue her studies on beauty and makeup, she hope to start a business when she returns.

Las week, Andy's new song - 'Wo Tak Nei' was the number one song of Commercial Radio's 903 Charts, his songs had not been at the number one spot in Commercial Radio for 2 years, when asked if he's happy of that? Andy exclaimed that he's happy and he said that all his hardwork all these years failed to "moved" Commercial Radio but his first song this year had opened the gate of Commercial Radio. In August, he'll release his new Mandarin album and a Cantonese album at the end of the year, he hoped that all of them could "moved" all major radio stations and continue to rule the number 1 spot, his aim is to "move" everybody in the world.

news from: Sina.com