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| Friday, June 17, 2005

After Chying Chi, Emil Chou and Jacky Cheung's concerts, on 31 August, Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau will be holding his 2005 China Tour at Wuxi's stadium. The ticket sales ceremony will be held at Yaohan Mall on 19 June.

Andy's 2005 China Tour has a strong entourage as it'll kicks off this August, the entourage are divided into group A and B for the performances in 9 cities, for Wuxi, it'll be group B. Heard that it'll be a big production for this concert, an entourage of 130 will handle the stage design, dancers, lightings and music equipement, most of the equipement are imported from Japan, a fire performance is also included, for the enjoyment of the audience, the sound control room will be set up in the center of the concert, giant screeens will be set up on both sides and back of the stage.

The fans pre-order tickets as they're excited that Wuxi will be group B's first stop, tickets sales will start on 19 June and it once again prove the ultimate charisma of Andy. To satisfy the requirement of the majority of fans, the organiser priced the tickets between $100 and $800 and a small number of VIP tickets. As the price range is much acceptable this many audience had pre-order the tickets.

The organiser revealed that due to the high popularity of Andy, basically the $100 tickets had sold out. The organiser even received a enquiry from a Singapore fan asking the date of concert and pre-order the ticket as he prepare to jet to Wuxi from Singapore to watch Andy's concert.

news from: Jiangnan Evening Daily