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| Friday, June 17, 2005

Recently Taiwan was suffering from rain storm but Andy Lau brave the rain to fly to Taiwan, he dressed causally as he carry a haversack and says: "The movie company (referring to Stars Movies) invited me here to give a speech, no other work committments!"

Around noon, heavenly king Andy suddenly appeared at Taoyuan's CKS Airport, Andy whom is having a high popularity in Taiwan, although keeping a low profile of his trip thus didn't alert any fans or media but when he step out his plane, first he bump into his old friend Eric Moo as he took the same flight with him, they see each other when they leave the custom together, then some fans whom have sharp eye sight spotted their idol and were discussing away. One Chinese tourist couldn't believe her eyes as she get to see her idol upon touching down in Taiwan and immediately ask to be photographed with Andy. When collecting his luggages, another young fan rushed over to him and ask him to autograph on his hat.

It was a secret and low profile visit as the reporter thought that he specially came to shoot a commercial but he says: "I'm not here to shoot commercial! I'm here to give a speech for a movie company."

The movie company that Andy refers to is Stars Movies as Andy's Focus Group and Stars Movies collaborate to invest in new directors to shoot movies and Taiwan's representative Lee Yun Chan new movie The Mermaid started shooting yesterday thus Andy was invited for its press conference.

Stars Movies earlier expressed that Andy was invited for the press conference but few days ago they reveal that Andy will not be coming but they leak that there'll be a mystery guest at the press conference, thus the mystery guest is no other than Andy Lau.

No wonder when reporter check with his management company about his trip to Taiwan, the company told reporters that he was in Taiwan to look for his friend, thus it was a private trip and won't be attending the press conference and it'll depend whether the movie company invited him. This answer is to protect Stars Movie's "secret" promotional tactics.

Due to his earlier lawsuit with Catchy Entertainment, it had been 3 years since he released a Mandarin album as fans can only listen to his compiliation ablum or watch his concert, with the lawsuit concluded last year, he can once again release an album as fans were waiting to hear his new song.

Andy had finished recording the 10 songs of his new album and it's scheduled to be released in August but he will be on his concert tour in Mainland China, with this tight schedule, it's a headache for his management company to arrange him for album promotion. With regards to question of any popular composer for his new album. The answer is No as he's the superstar, his composition would be enough.

Andy also made a special appearance at HSBC's 90th anniversary and 40th anniversay in Taiwan dinner which surprised the HSBC director Kao Chung Hsiung and his wife, it create a small commotion and add some colours to the dinner. Andy has a good relationship with director Kao. Singer Fei Yu Qing was also invited to sing his oldies to revive the old Shanghai feeling.

news from: Liberty Times, udnnews, Min Sang Pao