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| Thursday, June 16, 2005

Miu Kiu Wai was interviewed by Metro Radio yesterday. When talked about andy Lau's intention to gather the 5 Tigers together to collaborate in a movie, he exclaim that it depends on whether the technical problems can be solved. He expressed that Andy and Tony Leung belongs to different companies, both companies need to collaborate willingly and also depends on both's schedule and a good script. He revealed that it could happen next year.

When asked if the 5 Tigers had meet up to discuss on the matter, Miu exclaimed that they have no meetings as he had not contacted Tony for years. He says: "He's more introvert, he never reply my pages! We're busy with each other's matters, I does not know what sports he likes, whereas I do meet up with Andy and Felix Wong for bowling sessions."

Miu exclaimed that the 5 Tigers will gather at least once every year which Tony never attends. When asked if this make their friendship more distant? He believe it didn't as their friendship is built when they are together in the acting training classes and past filmings. In addition, Miu's birthday falls on 18 June, he exclaim that he'll attend Andy's fan club gathering and celebrate his birthday at the same time with the fans.

news from: MingPao