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| Friday, June 17, 2005

The boss behind Vivian Hsu's new movie is Andy Lau, it will be his first time investing in Taiwanese movie. Today is the press conference, concidentally his former girlfriend Yu Kexin is also going to become film maker as she will be bringing her past relationship with Andy onto the silver screen. With regards to Yu's action, Andy doesn't want to comment.

Andy whom is present at the press conference but the reporters were more concern about the health of Sammi Cheng.

This time round, Andy's presence in a movie activity, he's not a star but rather a boss to show support to the actors. Being his first time investing in Taiwanese movies, Andy is confident of the box office taking. Andy says: "Few will find the deep artistic feel in Taiwanese movies but it has a strong commercialise feel, now with handsome guy and pretty gal, it should earn money!"

With Andy investing in movies, concidentally, former girlfriend Yu Kexin is also going to bring their past relationship onto the silver screen! What's the intention of Yu? Andy doesn't want to talk about it.

Since Yu likes to talk about her past relationship, Andy doesn't wish to let her gain any advantage, the most clever way is not talk about Yu Kexin.

news from: tvbs E-news