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| Sunday, June 12, 2005

Chapman To and Anthony Wong were in Shanghai to promote their latest movie - Initial D. Newly-wed Chapman appeared unhappy as Andy Lau is only the best-man for half day as he's too busy and the feeling is not enough.

As Anthony and Andy were among the best-men of his wedding, Chapman express his aprreciation as he says: "We have collaborate many times, with just a phone call, all of them came to help, especially the handsome looks of Andy Lau which makes the bride-maids forget the actual figure to call for and helped me save alot of money." However, Chapman still appeared disappointed as since entered showbiz, he had being tagged as "the professional supporting actor", likewise in Infernal Affairs and Initial D. With him being the groom, thus the male lead and Andy became a supporting actor, he express his unhappiness, he says: "I've been a supporting actor for so long, he (Andy) only for half a day, the day was so busy that I hardly had any feeling, not shock enough!"

news from: eastday.com