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| Saturday, June 11, 2005

Karen Mok's Extreme Karen Mok concert kicks off last night at the Hong Kong Coliseum. When the concert starts, Karen informed the audience that there will be sexy dressing and handsome special performing guest strip tease, even boyfriend Stephen Fung and his parents and brothers were present but it didn't affect Karen's performance.

Andy Lau appeared in a western suit and wore a hat. With just a turn, Andy's hands is continously caressing Karen's back, with another turn, Karen fall into the embrace of Andy and use her legs to remove Andy's hat.

Andy also show off his "skills" by removing Karen's white outfit thus she's left with a tight-fitting cleavage showing white mini skirt dress. Karen then follows by removing Andy's clothing and finally tear Andy's shirt bearing his chest thus leaves the audience screaming away.

news from: Sina.com, tungstar.com