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| Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Andy Lau was the special guest for RTHK 5.1 digital radio drama opening ceremony yesterday at Cyberport's Digital Media Centre. To promote protection of intellectual property, it was announced that for Hong Kong's first public digital system, legal downloads of the drama could be download from the system. To accomodate his character in the drama, Andy dressed up as an army officer, his goatee adds up his male charisma. He expressed that to accomodate the 5 images for the commercial, he started to keep his moustache when he was the guest at Karen Mok's concert.

When talked about earlier reports that Sammi Cheng had depressive disorder thus she was absent in Shanghai International Film Festival and also the East Asia contract signing ceremony, Andy says: "I'm worried about her! She do need a friend at this moment, maybe she yet to redraw her role in Song Great Distress! (Did you call Sammi to send your regards?) I didn't call her, I didn't ask for her number, for those in showbiz, I only have the numbers of Deanie Ip and Luo Lan! I'm scared to be rejected when asked for female artistes' number as I tried asking and they also gave me their assistant's number. Even for Karen where we remove each other's clothes, I don't even have her number!"

With regards to Edmund Leong remarks that Sammi likes to keep everything to herself, Andy whom had collaborate with her in many movies says: "I've collaborate with her many times, I don't think she's one that will keep everything to herself, she gets into the character very easily, maybe it takes too long for the shooting of Song Great Distress, thus she fail to get out of her role, when we were shooting Yesterday Once More, we were happy together."

Last Sunday, Andy celebrate Father's Day with his father in advance as he'll always held a birthday party for his father at his fan club gathering but it was not recommended to held a party this week thus it was treated as a Father's Day celebration and thus no birthday cake.

news from: Sun News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po