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| Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A prize presentation ceremony to commemorative 100 years of chinese film music awards was held in Shanghai 2 nights ago, Andy Lau and Joey Yung were invited to attend to represent Hong Kong as they will be presented China-Hong Kong -Taiwan Movie Musician Special Award but due to the absent of Andy, when the winner was announced, Andy's name was not on the list thus gave one the idea of "no award for absentees" thus angers Andy's fans.

As Andy has a huge support fan base in China, after being told that their idol will be presented an award, they prepared themselves to scream and wave their banner when Andy's name was announced, however the presenter didn't read out Andy's name which stunned the fans and jeering noises were heard.

When the event's secretary head was contacted by reporters, he denies the "no award for absentees" theory as he express that in order to maintain the atmosphere, no representative were arranged to receive the award thus his name was not announced, as most of the other winners were also unable to attend, if most of the awards were collected by representatives, afraid that the atmosphere would be affected. He stressed that Andy is still the award winner and he earned it as he's a very hardworking artiste.

Meanwhile, Andy express that he is delighted and honored to be presented with the award, although the organiser did invite him to attend but due to work committments, he's unable to attend the prize presentation ceremony.

news from: Oriental Daily News