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| Saturday, August 13, 2005

Andy Lau and Angelica Lee will have a love till dead relationship in the radio drama - All About Love, back into real life, Andy's relationship with Zhu Liqian and Yu Kexin was so familiar, when asked of love till dead relationship and hard to forget experience, Andy denies and says: "I never being a deep relationship, please don't remember of my relationships."

Andy was once again in Taiwan, together with typhoon, as Typhoon Matsa accompanied him during his last promotion in Taiwan, Typhoon Shanhu followed him yesterday, he quipped: "It's hard to say if I'm the fan of typhoon or typhoon is the fan of mine." Wearing a doctor suit, Andy attended the asia press conference of Hit Fm radio drama - All About Love. As the other crew members of the radio station also dressed up as nurses, they kept asking Andy to attend to their sickness.

When talked about Angelica Lee, he said that Angelica's character is similiar to Charlie Yeung's in the movie whom likes to cry. Andy and Angelica collaborate well as several crew members cried during recording.

Although Andy is well verse in Mandarin, but he exclaimed that pronunciation must be accurate when recording the radio drama in Mandarin thus he hire one teacher to supervise. He exposed that he once made a joke of himself with the word 'xin' (believe) as during one of the interview in Mandarin, he was asked: "you foo xin jiao" (Are you a Christian?) and he misunderstood it as "you foo xin jiao!" (Have you had sex?) and he didn't answer the question thus Andy was careful and seldom use the word "xin jiao" as he quipped: "I'm afraid that I didn't pronunce properly and it don't sound nice."

Andy's relationship in the drama is unforgettable, whereas he had similiar experience in his real life had become the point of focus, when asked, he tried to avoid Yu Kexin and Zhu Liqian, he said: "I never being a deep relationship, I like normal, all my matters were reported in the papers, I've nothing to say, please don't remember of my relationships."

Andy says: "It's prefect when 2 person are together, deep relationship means must go through many problems, or cannot be together, I don't like this way." However, Andy stress that he will sacrifice all for love, if the woman really love him and wanted him to chose between her and his career, this shows that the woman's not truely love him and he's willing to sacrifice all for her.

With regards to Derek Yee's remark that Charlie's acting is very bad in Seven Swords, Andy exclaimed that he was not sure of her acting in Seven Swords but for her acting in All About Love, it can be considered as a represented show after coming back to showbiz and says: "She has the chance to vye for the Best Actress award with this movie."

When asked if he wants to venture into Hollywood, Andy revealed that the director of Beach - Danny Boyle once invited him to Hollywood, but being agreed for the shooting of Mo Zi Gong Yue at the end of the year, which means that he miss his Hollywood chance again. Other than challenging the character of beautiful woman, he also like to release an album with 10 women, he wanted to collaborate with Feng Fei Fei, Paula Tsui, Deanie Ip, Prudence Lau, Pan Mei Chen, Gigi Leung, A-mei, Karen Mok, Sammi Cheng and Angela Chang.

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