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| Friday, August 12, 2005

"My life includes acting and singing, which cannot be separted. Currently nobody force me to do things that I don't like, I do what I like. If one day I can't sing or act, I'll feel terrible."

365 days in 1 year, Andy Lau doesn't have much holiday as he's always busy with work. Due to his latest album Say I Love You One More Time, netizens get close with Andy. After talking about love in his music, Andy talks about his plans in movies, box office, Hollywood, every topic allow us to feel the greatness of the heavenly king.

Andy waited for 12 years before he got his role in Zhang Yimou's House of the Flying Dagger, director Jacob Chang waited 5 years before allowing Andy to take part in his Mo Zi Gong Yue, Jacob should considered himself lucky as Andy frankly said that he moved his heart: "6 years ago, I've no international status, actually he could approach Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan or Jet Li, but he feel that the character belongs to me, thus he waited for me. I need a director that full heartly shooting me."

With regards to the movie, Andy express that he need to clarify: "Many people would think that the movie will be about Mo Zi, actually it's the spirit of Mo Zi. My character is called Ge Li, I found out that Mo Zi's thinking is no longer there, thus I feel that I should continue to spread around Mo Zi's thinking." In Andy's mind, this period wu shu movie is very different, "It's different from Hero, House of Flying Dagger and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, it concentrates on thoughts, talked about how to think when comes to war, this is what we're looking into."

Being in movie industry for more than 20 years, if not for love, it's hard to imagine how Andy maintain till now. Actually love is not his only motivation, earning and not losing and the success is what Andy is proud of. "Frankly speaking, after so many movies, I never suffer before. Chances of my movie losing money is very low, thus I never lose money." Because of self confidence, Andy decided to support new directors, "I invested in new directors, even I lose a bit of money, I could act in more movies to earn back my losses. The money for myself is enough, other than leaving the money by my side, why not give the newcomers a chance, if not there won't be any newcomers."

With Andy's current status and strengths, it impossible that he can't venture into Hollywood, he exclaimed that he had approachs from Hollywood, "Some good directors from Hollywood did approach me, their scripts were good, but they only like our marketing and not our actors, this is what I feel. If I say that I've a tight schedule and need to delay the shooting to 6 months later, they can't even wait for 1 month, I feel that anyone can take up the roles in their script. Currently if they want our actors to wait for 3-5 years is not impossible, thus I won't venture there, because I feel that we have no space there."

news from: Sina.com