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| Monday, August 08, 2005

Andy Lau was at Kaohsiung yesterday for his new album's autograph session, as Andy was rushing to jet off to Beijing for his album's promotion thus only fans whom had coupons got their autographs whereas those whom didn't cried out: "I want Andy Lau!". Andy expressed if his album sell more than 200,000 copies, he will hold a concert in Taiwan.

Thousands were at the autograph session at Kaohsiung, while some came as early as 6:00am, some came specially from Taipei and queued for 5-6 hours!

Maybe due to the earlier Typhoon Matsa, the southern side of Taiwan was surprisingly hot, it was raining before Andy arrives but it stop when the autograph session starts, due to the hot weather, Andy had inform his crew member to prepare ambulance just in case if andy fans feel unwell.

The autograph session draws Andy's distance close to the fans, the street need to be closed due to the large number of fans, for the sales of his album, it won't be a problem for Andy to sweat as though he was raining.

Due to the large number of fans, the record company arranged the fans to queue up for coupons, those with coupons will get autographs from Andy, for those whom fail to get autograph cried out: "I want Andy Lau!"

After the autograph session, Andy jet off to Hong Kong immediately before continuing his promotion in Beijing. He apologise to those fans whom fail to get his autograph, he promise if his album sell well in Taiwan, he'll held a concert there, he says: "Very sorry, I knew many didn't get my autograph, when I'm free I'll return to make up to them. This will be better, if this album sells more than 200,000 copies, I'll come to Taiwan for concert."

news from: Apple Daily News, TTV, TVBS