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| Friday, August 12, 2005

Andy Lau seems to devote his life to his career, he's too hardworking as for his career, he sacrifice his love life for many years. With his new album, this 44-years-old heavenly king's words still doesn't lack the fighting spirit as he says: "No matter what, I'll be good if you don't leave me!"

Reporter (R): Some people said that Andy Lau should have everything, why you still gave people a feeling that you're so hardworking, why?

Andy (A): Singing, acting, these had become part of my life. Even one day when I found a new blessing life, I'll still work hard till old.

R: We've waited 3 years for this album, why let us wait for so long?

A: It's due to problems in my contract which affected me to release my album. However I also wanted to thanks my former company, without the problem, it's impossible for me to take 3 years to complete an album. We really did this album very deatiled.

R: All along you sing and act together, among the two, which one will you pick?

A: This question is too difficult. If you force me to chose one, I think I'll chose musical as I could sing and act at the same time.

R: With this album's theme as "love", is there any indication of your own love life?

A: Actually with love for the theme of this album, I already expected this question. I could tell everybody if I wanted to get married and have children, I will tell everyone and also hope for everybody's blessing.

R: With so many love stories in the album, any of them are your own experiences?

A: Of course not, since when I've so many experiences? The 10 songs narrates some of my thoughts on love of these years, includes goos and bad, happy and sorrow thoughts.

R: What's your plans for the future?

A: After my September concerts in Hong Kong, I'll be in Beijing for the shooting of Mo Zi Gong Yue, release a Cantonese album next year.

R: After so many years, you consider yourself as an idol or talented singer?

A: Of course I'm an idol, I'll be an idol forever, if everybody don't mind me being an idol for so many years. No matter what, most importantly is that all of you don't leave me!

news from: Sina.com