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| Wednesday, August 10, 2005

For his movie - All About Love which will be screened in October, Andy Lau was currently recording a radio drama in Hong Kong with the same name which will be broadcast in Voice of Taipei, Hit FM and 50 other radio stations in Asia. It was heard that the advertisment price during the radio drama broadcast will cost around $8400,000 which could allow Andy to make a big earning.

Golden Horse Best Actor Andy's new movie with Charlie Yeung had its script re-written into 10 episodes of 15 minutes radio drama to be broadcast in Asia for 15 days. Meanwhile, the female lead had changed to Angelica Lee.

Although as such the story of the movie will be revealed earlier but Andy still express that the radio drama and the movie are 2 different matter, he added: "This is a very good promotion, after listen to the radio drama, the audience would be more eager to watch the movie."

Actually it was really good promotion as the radio drama will be broadcast as a form of collaboration as a total of 50 radio station from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia will be broadcasting, even listeners from Mongolia, Xinjiang and Heilongjiang could listen to the drama, reaching to at least 80 million listeners.

Other than the touching story, Andy's songs could also be heard, for his "act", the price of advertisment is a hefy $8400,000 in Taiwan, he could earn and have free promotion.

With regards to her collaboration with Andy, Angelica was delighted and a little pressurize as Andy is a megastar. However after their collaboration, she finds Andy very friendly and will take the initiative to chat with crew members, perform magic to cheer everybody up, the atmosphere was great as they understand each other more, thus easy to get into the character.

news from: Apple Daily News, udn news