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| Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau was in Beijing's Ren Min Da Hui Tang on 8 August's afternoon to offically become the endorser of GIEC as many media were present to catch a glimpse of the heavenly king.

When Andy appeared in a white T-shirt and black pants, flashes from camera kept flashing as Andy maintained his smile to send his regards to the media. When answering the media's questions, although he didn't speak much but he spoke with intelligence. When asked of his impression of the products, Andy referred the product to his career as it's slowly gaining recognition. Andy also added that he's very serious when becoming an endorser of a product as he'll send someone to check on the product to find out the reviews of the products before deciding if he will take up the endorser role.

In the recent conclude Metro Radio Mandarin Songs Awards, Andy became the night's biggest winner with the many awards won, when asked if he win the awards by his charisma or his music, he says: "I'm in showbiz for too long, I feel that it's a emotional factor." His answer won applause as the press conference ends with Andy's smile and sincere answers.

news from: Sina.com