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| Thursday, August 11, 2005

Previous night Andy Lau was in Beijing for the large scale press conference of his latest Mandarin album - Say I Love You One More Time, the record company spent RMB$1000,000 to book tourist spot Daguanyuan Park (Grand View Garden) as the press conference venue which attracts 400 media around Mainland China to report on the conference. 6-7 buses were also chartered to fetch 300 over fans to the park to see Andy.

Andy encountered Typhoon Matsa when he was promoting in Taiwan, never expected that Typhoon Matsa followed him to Beijing as it was experiencing the largest typhoon in 11 years. Luckily the activity was not affected as the heavy rain stopped before the activity started and the rain returns after the activity had ended. Andy quipped: "Such a strong typhoon kept following me, help me to promote, I've confidence that this album will become this year's top selling Mandarin album!"

The press conference starts around 10:00pm, as the river had a huge water display showing a clip of Andy's singing career, then Andy whom was wearing a red samfoo appeared on a boat used in Dream of the Red Chamber to parade one round the river, he also waved his hand in appreciation. After coming on shore, surrounded by "imperial maids", he striked many poses for photographs to be taken.

the music video of Cruel Lesson was broadcast in the courtyard and later watch the love story of Ling Dai Yu and Jia Bao Yu with the media. In between, fans from different places use their own language to say "I Love You" to Andy which delights him.

The organiser did tried to gather love stories of "Love One More Time" and 6 couples came out as winners. To test whether they're in love with each other, Andy request the ladies to cover their eyes and touches the men's hand to determine their own lovers, he joined into to become one of the men, all the ladies manage to determine their own lovers, when the ladies touch Andy's hand and refuse to determine that it's the hand of their love ones, this makes Andy take his hats off to the bond of the couples. However one of the lady appeared to regret on her decision, when asked what she would chose if she was given the chance to chose again, she kept looking at Andy but fail to give an answer, her boyfriend immediately pull her away as he was worried that her girlfriend might be snatched away by Andy.

Among the 6 pair of contestants, the number one couple had a special 5-star hotel room card, Andy remind the couple to "make full use of the night stay" and asked them to invite him to their baby first month celebration which everybody present burst into laughters. In addition, Andy also perform his calligraphy skill by writing Say I Love You One More Time which become the grand prize in a game.

This was Andy's first time to Daguanyuan Park but pity that he was not there to tour around as he only visited one of the rooms as the organiser arranged that room as the makeup room. If he had the chance, he hope to visit the room of Ling Dai Yu and Jia Bao Yu as 'Liu Lao Lao'.

After the press conference, Andy rushed to the TV station to record a special programme. The studio setup accomodate Andy's new album promotion as the whole studio was in pink and many red thread was hanging around. As his new album is related to love, the compere asked about his love life. Andy express: "If I found my true love, I won't care of so many things as considering too many will make the love tasteless, and it'll become meaningless." Andy added that he admire happy families as he believe it will his turn one day. He jokes: "If that day comes, I will allow my girlfriend to tie my hands with red threads to enjoy the blessing."

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