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| Sunday, August 07, 2005

Andy Lau held his new album's autograph session at Taipei's Hsimending yesterday, despite the hot weather, it still attracted thousands of fans, 2 person suffered heat stroke. Andy's attraction is undeniable as he still managed to attracted a 80-years-old loyal fan to show her support and a mother bringing her 8-months old baby to see Andy. Andy jokes: "I found out that my fans' age seems to get younger as the mothers are forcing their children to like me."

However, Andy had different reactions to them. For the old fan, he speak to her as though she's her lover: "We've being together for 20 years.", whereas he pointed out that it was dangerous bringing a baby to such places. With regards to some fans whom came to queue as early as 2:00am, he quipped: "Why they're so stupid!"

The day earlier, Andy brave the rain to the moon god temple to request for red thread which will be distributed out during the activities these 2 days, he says: "When I went to the temple, they exclaimed: "So old still come to seek good marriage"." Andy manage to distribute 200 red threads and remind for those fans whom get marriage after collecting the red thread from him should bring wedding gifts to the moon god temple to return the favour. When asked of his ideal partner, he stress that she must be a long hair Oriental female.

Andy had a tigh work schedule, after today's autograph session at Kaohsiung, he will rush to Beijing immediately to continue his promotion. When asked if he's tired jetting around, he says: "Because I like to see the fans."

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao