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| Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It had been 3 years since Andy Lau released a Mandarin album, his latest - Say I Love You One More Time held its press conference yesterday at Taiwan as he show off his vocal skills, perform magic to create some atmosphere and questions on love and marriage were asked. When asked about the long allegation that he's married with Carol Zhu Liqian and have a child, he still stress: "I'm not married and have no children."

Meanwhile, when he attended Little S 's (Hsu Hsi-Ti - the younger half of sister-duo ASOS) 100% Entertainment, he was forced to get married by her as she (whom was pregnant) also asked Andy to bank draft $500,000 to her every month to become the god-father of her baby.

Being in showbiz for more than 20 years, Andy whom is 44-years-old, when compared his looks to 'Xiang Si Chen Zai' sine 10 years ago, Andy had much more male charisma as he aged.

For the new album, Andy was tied by red rope, pray to moon god and asked for the money that symbolise health and wealth, he says: "Even the moon god thinks that love is not complete without health and wealth." However, Andy whom had both had a complete love? He quipped: "It's nope of your business!"

In his music video, he played a married doctor whom was so busy with work that a car accident took away the life of his wife, when asked if it's his true story, he just quoted that all should not follow him: "When I get married, I won't let such things to happen," which clearly denied that he was married and had a child with Carol.

It seems that Andy is much better than Jackie Chan as Jackie only could maintain 16 years become his wife Joan Lin Fengjiao was exposed but it was already 20 years when Andy and Carol were alleged together but he was still firm in denying, he jokes: "I went to the temple to ask for love from the moon god, he had arranged for me, with regards to marriage, the moon god didn't tell me when, however, I think it soon, its soon!"

He added: "The reason that I'm not married is that I love to be an idol! If I'm married many film offers will not get to me, take Needing You for example, how am I going to be a married male, maybe only some artistic performance." Andy is very sure of what's going on in showbiz, "If I'm married, I need not reduce my asking fees, people will automatically reduce my asking fees." On seeing that he's already more than 40 years old and still put so much effort into his showbiz career, the media was curious: "Andy, how long you wanted to be an idol?" Andy rebulks: "Why ask such questions?"

Andy was addressed as father by a 3-years-old girl when he attended an activity days earlier in Hong Kong, he quipped: "Many people in showbiz address me as father even Aaron Kwok address me as father in the movie Lee Rock." He also added that the age of the little girl was the same as the child mentioned in the allegations. "It was alleged that I had a daughter, if everything goes wrong, I could already have a daughter." Although he said that as a joke, but Andy gave the reporters present another mystery!

Andy expressed that he's rather nervous of his first Mandarin release in 3 years, he says: "The market is not good, the response for Hong Kong singers was not as good as the past, Hong Kong singers lost their attraction, many of them failed to sell 200,000 copies in Taiwan, but I'm still aiming for this target."

After the press conference, Andy attended 100% Entertainment and jokingly agree to become the god-father of Little S yet to born baby by hooking their fingers. When asked by Little S if he knew what's the duty of being a god-father, Andy shakes his head. After a short thought, Little S request Andy to bank draft $500,000 every month to his "god-son", Andy immediately says: "You really not ashame of yourself!" Little S then quipped: "The request was just in handy!"

Andy expressed that although he less frequent Taiwan but he had a satellite installed at home and could watch Variety Show Of Mr. Con And Ms. Csi. He says: "When I saw Little S, although pregnant, she still so active when interviewing Tsui Hark, shake waist and backside, I worried that she will have a miscarriage!" Andy then advise to her: "Pregnant woman should not wear high heels, should wear something flat!" Seizing the chance, Andy was asked: "Why are you so clear of this, don't tell me you're a father before?" Andy answers: "This is common knowledge, I know it when I was young!" to clear the question.

Although he escape Little S's chest groping act but he failed to escape being forced into marriage by her: "This little kid (herself) is already engaged and pregnant, when are you getting married?"

A embarrassed Andy smiles and says: "Let it be natural, soon, very soon." This shows that the moon god had arranged a good relationship for him when he went to the temple to pray to moon god, it seems that the day when this heavenly king revealed his love relationship is near.

When Andy won at the Golden Horse Film Awards, the host Lin Chiling once gave him a hug, when asked if he will pay her a visit at the hospital? He answers: "I wanted to pay Chiling a visit, by it will be in private, I don't want to create news with it."

In addition, Andy was interview on a telephone with Cha Xiaoxin, when asked of his expectations of his new album, he says: "I have high expectations of this album, it had been 3 years since I release a Mandarin album, the whole album are love stories, I'm saying I Love You to everybody after 3 years!"

When asked about Mainland China asking singers to sing live, Andy quoted that he was not affected as he thinks singing live is better than lip-synching, but there is exception as in the stadium, ear plug was not provided thus provided some difficulties.

When talked about hurting his head when shooting his music video, he says: "The director wanted to create an effect when a head land onto a pool of water, I told him that I'll do it with strength, but the director told me that he'll ask the wu shu master to demostrate once to me, I told him that he's also a human and I could do it myself, I didn't say anything and carried on and crash my head onto the pool of water on the ground, the director exclaimed that he did not know how dangerous it was!"

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