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| Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Andy Lau was at Olympian City yesterday to attend radio programme Teapot's 8th anniversary activity as he helped Cha Xiao Xin's programme to design her programme's 8th anniversary T-shirt. Andy use thumb prints of fans to form a "8" as he express that it would be too dull if its only his handprints, he quoted that the "8" with the top symbolise the media and the bottom symbolise the artistes, secondly they're related to each other.

Both also stand on a platform that raise them to mid-air to leave their hand print on the gaint T-shirt. Andy also distribute peaches to the audience.

Towards the end of the activity, a group of 8 children went onstage for a group photograph taking and cake cutting session, one little girl keep pulling the trousers of Andy whom quipped: "That little girl kept calling me father!" Cha then follow saying: "You're just a big brother but she don't look like you?" A mischievious Andy says: "She looked like me, you're making fun of me, never expect I'll afraid of you."

When asked if he like children addressing him as father, he says: "I'm just joking, that little girl just wanted to take more photographs with me, I don't hate people addressing me father, but I can't be his brother, I'm so much older than her."

Andy and Cha leave each other's hand print on each other's T-shirt, to avoid any trouble, Andy had his hand print on Cha's shoulder and stomach. As both of them will be raise into mid-air in a platform, thus the organisers bought a 8-figure insurance for both of them.

In addition, Andy whom will be releasing his first Mandrain album in 3 years this Thursday, he had spent close to HK$4 million just for the promotion in apm mall, he also spend millions to book the pillars of Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station whereby his posters will be pasted on them, he says: "The whole station will have my posters, I was asked if I was dead, I heard from colleague that it was shocking, after seeing the photographs they took, really exaggerating, I also wanted to take a look, I heared that many people would walk past the station everyday, thus they get to see me everyday."

As worries that someone would damage the posters, thus there would be patrol everyday. When asked if Andy had told anyone "I love you" before, he express: "I told my mother before, she exclaimed that I'm mushy, with regards to if I say it to any other woman, of course have, if not how to woo the woman, every woman require their boyfriend to say this, but I won't tell you how many times that I said it."

When asked if there's someone whom always say "I Love You" to him, he quipped: "Many people, when I started more than 10 years ago, when I went to Taiwan, Mainland China to attend promotional activities, the fans, no matter male or female will always shout "Wah Zai I Love You!", I'll reply that I love them too. The Westerners can tell each other I love you everyday but the Chinese always leave it in their hearts."

There will be another activity starting from 4 August till the end of the month at apm mall named Andy Lau Say I Love You One More Time Romantic Watch the Moon, the mall will have 2 Andy trees, for those whom love Andy can leave their love message on them.

Other promotional tatics like radio drama, comics, book and movie will normalise the phrase - Say I Love You One More Time and become the common message to your friends.

Andy also revealed that he's currently recording a radio drama - 'Tai Chu' for RTHK with Gigi Leung as he'll be playing one good and one evil character which is similiar to Infernal Affairs in the future, he quipped that he's suffering from schizophrenia from switching between good and evil.

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