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| Sunday, August 21, 2005

You would not know if you were not told that Andy Lau do include several of his compositions into his album as he would like to be addressed as a singer whom could write his own songs, but Andy didn't get his wish as he doesn't mind as he sighs: "It's okay, who ask me to have such a strong idol charisma!"

In Andy's latest Mandarin album, he wrote 6 songs but he exclaim: "That doesn't consider much as I once wrote 8 songs, writing 5-6 songs is very common, at least there will be 3-4 songs." Due to the lawsuit, his album was delayed for 3 years, "3 years! How could I not wrote 6 songs," Andy added, "I could write that amount of songs in less than 3 years."

With such creativity, if he was another singer, he would have being tagged as a singer whom could write his own songs but Andy's compositions were seldom being discussed and nobody address him as a singer whom could write his own songs. Andy doesn't mind as he quipped: "Never mind, just called me a singer will do, it doesn't matter." With his busy work schedule, where he had the time to write songs? Andy reveals: "I need to sit there and keep quiet when writing songs, most of the time would be when I'm home after my work, start around 9-10 pm till 1-2 am." This is the golden period for the heavenly king.

Being a singer, composer and record company boss, his composition - Say I Love You One More Time and Cruel Lesson were the first and second promotional song of the album, Andy quickly says: "When we write Say I Love You One More Time, we've already decided to use it as the main promotional song, I only change one sentence of the song, initially wanted to include Lee Anxiu name only but Lee insist on adding my name as one of the composer." Fear that he didn't explain enough, he added: "I didn't write the lyrics for Lian Xi and Gu Xin Lei, if my songs are good, it'll get noticed."

Andy trusted his long partner Lee very much as whenever he wrote a good song, he'll show it to me first, "Lee always reject what I wrote, I also rejected what he wrote." However, for Cruel Lesson and Beauty's Pain, Lee didn't make any corrections to the lyrics as a delighted Andy says: "Because it was prefectly written." Especially Beauty's Pain, Andy uses the name and stories of beauties in chinese history into the song, he says: "Although this album's theme is love songs, but it could include love stories of different period."

news from: undnews