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| Monday, August 15, 2005

Being an idol for more than 20 years, for fans, Andy Lau is forever so mesmerizing. It's hard to imagine that he started off playing evil characters, as he always wanted to play a good character, thus his selection of roles became narrower, until one director told him one day: "Do you want to go back to the artiste training classes?" Andy was enlighted as there was no only good character in showbiz, there were more evil characters.

Graduated from Hong Kong's TVB artiste training classes, Andy's first show was not the production of TVB but rather a RTHK production, one episode drama Long Goodbye. In the drama, his character was named Ah Long whom specialise in cheating girls' relationship, the female lead being Prudence Lau who then just release an album in Taiwan. He was introduce through a friend to the director Sin Wai Chu whom doesn't mind that Andy has no acting experience and accepted him which Andy still remembered her, even though they never collaborate again, but Andy kept bringing up the name of her who once help her.

After Long Goodbye, a young Andy still fail to escape the fate of taking up evil characters, as his senior - Lau Si Yu in the training class approach him to be a wealthy man's son who always spends his time in the brothel in the drama serial - Restless Trio (Flower Boat Little Hero), although not a very straight character, "I got beat up in every episode, after each beating, I seek treatment from doctor." This sort of arrangement disappoint Andy which leads to Lau asking him to go back to the training class for more training which enlightens him.

With regards to which senior that he's most grateful was no other than George Lam as he just cameo in his music video - Yu Lai Xiang, and was recommended by him to take part in Chow Yun Fat's Boat People where his acting got notice and movie offers kept coming to him, after Walk On Fire, Return of the Condor Heroes, TVB slowly promote him to be one of the 5 Tigers.

news from: Apple Daily News