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| Sunday, August 14, 2005

Andy Lau was invited to Asia Plus's Peach Protein where he and compere Mathilda Tao were together in the same recording company - UFO and they were on good terms. When Andy appeared in her programme, he congratulate her as she's getting married soon. Mathilda asked Andy if he would tell everybody that he's getting married and what type of woman that he liked, he says: "Other than long hair, she should not like to club, not too fat nor thin, she must also shave her armpit!"

Andy was given a scare by Jay Zhou's huge chest when Mathilda asked Andy to guess whom the 4 chests belong to. He mixed up his own chest with Daniel Wu as their muscle and body contour are similiar, he also guess that Jay's chest belong to a Korean whom like to train his chest, when the answers were reviewed, he was so surprised that he shouts: "Wah! He did trained before!" Mathilda quoted that his physic in Running On Karma was more scary, Andy replied: "That movie is not a love artistic movie, but a horror movie, I'm almost scared to death while watching it."

Andy also made jokes out of another compere, Wang Wenhua as he use tissue paper to perform magic, he asked Wang to guess which of his hands was holding the tissue paper. In the end, it was right, then left, then the tissue paper disappear which made Wang puzzled, Andy seized the chance to throw it behind his head. Mathilda then exclaims: "I won't tell you what's the trick! Go home and watch the re-telecast."

Andy also asked Wang whom was a talented author, "Any special script that you have wrote recently? I'm looking for special script." A surprised Mathilda asked: "So you also read Wang's books?" Andy then quipped: "I did read his books, I always respected authors." A delighted Wang quipped: "I'm rather lazy recently, wrote less than 200 words per month, seeing Andy today seems to allow me to rediscover my motivation."

After being encouraged by Andy, Wang speaks of his first impression of Andy: "I feel that he's one that's very detailed, from his interaction with fans and performance in programmes, it makes me feel that he's very similiar to my detailed writings, therefore if my script was to be acted by Andy, it will reached the peak of my works."

Andy was then asked to show off his "handsome skills", as he played with guns, sword and soccer ball, he boast: "When I entered showbiz, I know how to snatch the limelight and was scolded by the director." However, he had his weakness that is he doesn't know how to ride bicycle and motorcycle as he fall and hurt his hand during the shooting of A Moments of Romance, some fans also calculated that his character died in 14 movies.

news from: Apple Daily News, udnstars