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| Monday, August 15, 2005

Andy Lau was at apm for "apm x Andy Lau Say One More Time I Love You Activation Day" activity yesterday, the organiser arranged several children from Korea and India to say "I Love You" to him in their mother language before a pretty American lady went onstage and Andy immediately used English to ask for her telephone number to create an uproar from the fans.

Representatives from Japan, Czech Republic, Brazil and other countries went onstage and each got to hug Andy, meanwhile the representative from China was not a young lady but a granny whom refuse to let go after hugging Andy and kept saying to him: "Andy, I love you!", it was a comical sight.

Andy was asked why he asked for the telephone number from the American lady, he quipped: "I yet to see that so many of them came onstage, I want all their contact number, my first choice would be the contacts of the granny." The organiser gave Andy a gaint fan, hoping that he'll find a wife soon, Andy then said pointing to the fans present: "All present here are my wives."

It was told that Andy's Mandarin album manage to sell close to 1000,000 copies throughout Asia within 10 days, Andy express that he'll held a celebration if the sales exceed 1500,000 - 2000,000 copies, he says: "We've started to calculate, should have past the 10000,000 mark, I'll held a celebration if the results is good." With regards to a fan whom get agitated when she fail to be photograph with Andy, he says: "That female fan told me she liked me very much and was her first time to seek autograph from me, she was accompanied by her boyfriend, as there was no photograph arrangement today, she was unhappy and I asked her to give my company a call for an appointment to have a photograph taken with me."

When the activity ended, Andy was preparing to leave the mall, but the thousands of fans refuse to leave and the organiser sent out 10 security guards and installed barricades to maintain order, some barricades almost got pushed down when they tried to reach out and touch Andy, Andy was being pulled down and his hand was scratched by the out reaching hands of fans. In the chaotic situation, some female fans reported to police that their wallets got pick pocketed and the police arrest the pickpocket on the spot.

When told of the incident, a surprise Andy hope that the fans were alright, "I doen't know about the situation, hope that it's just a small misunderstanding, if someone seize the chance to hurt other people, the police will bring the person to justice."

In addition, Paula Tsui whom express her interest to accept offers of a Chinese New Year movie, when asked if he would collaborate with her in movies, Andy suggested that it'll be a collaboration with Michael and Sam Hui with Paula in a movie similiar to Seventy-two Tenants where Paula could be the female landlord, it would be fun!

news from: Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Pao