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| Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In previous night's TVB Jade Solid Gold 2nd Seasonal Selection, Andy Lau, Hacken Lee and Twins wore scout uniform. As the summer holidays was ending, thus the theme of the selection was "Back to school", it was suggested that the singers that attend dressed to accomodate the feeling in the school. TVB didn't request the singers to wear any sort of uniform, whereas the clothes that the singers wore were costumes used in dramas.

When Andy was singing a duet with Ronald Cheng, some sore-eye individual complaint that Andy was wearing the scout hat for children whereas most Hongkonger adult scout wore berets, meanwhile the scarf and badage were different from the official scout uniform.

Andy says: "If I wore the wrong scout uniform, I could only apologise and feel really bad. Hope the scouts won't mind." He did ask the crew member whom prepare the uniform for him, the uniform was bought at Scout Association of Hong Kong. The chief executive of the Scout Association express: "The problem lies with Andy's scraf, the positioning of the badge is wrong, however he's only dressing up for a TV programme, although the way of the tie was not Hong Kong style but those in America tie it that way, don't pick on them." The chief executive expressed that there is a total of 100,000 scouts in Hong Kong, it might be one that had opinion on Andy and he hope that Andy won't mind. He added that Andy, Hacken and Twins were artistes with healthy image but wearing scout uniform of children didn't have any effect and welcome them to wear the uniforms.

Andy will be holding his concert tour in Mainland China and America from 27 August as he'll held concerts in Xi-an, Wuhu and Guiyang, a total of 9 cities, with his rate of RMB$4000,00 per appearance in a concert, based on tour in Mainland China, he could earn a total of RMB$36000,000.

In addition, Andy will be going to Malaysia and America's Atlantic City and Las Vegas in December. Normally he will be on leave during the period of his birthday on 27 September, but he had to sacrifice it this year, as he had a movie and 4 commercials on hand.

Meanwhile, Hacken had recieved the gift from Andy which is the autograph of Eric Cantona which delights him! He express that Cantona specially wrote his name and indicate that it was for Hacken which make the present unique. Hacken sing praise of Andy as down the years he had spend money to support him as he once sponser the fireworks of his concerts.

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao, Ta Kung Pao