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| Friday, August 19, 2005

In the soon-to-be screened in September movie - Wait Til' You're Older, Andy slowly age from 10 years-old to 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70 till 80-years-old. Most of the audience whom watched the trailer was surprised of the special effect made on Andy as he aged, the 80-years-old make-up look on Andy was very realistic. 43-years-old Andy exclaimed that during the make-up process, he felt that he was being "buried" which is very tough!

To be able to age in a blink of an eye must thanks to 2 persons, one being the mysterious loner played by Feng Xiaogang as he magic potion allows Andy to age from 10 to 80 years old in a short period of time; another person is the highly paid top notch Hollywood makeup artist Mark Garbarino of A.I and Mission Impossible 2 fame whose magical skills allow Andy to transform between 20 and 80 years old. However the transformation process was not to be endure by normal people, firstly one had to sit without any movement and remained same expression for a few hours. Then, freeze gel poured into mould before applying multiple layer of facial mask, his face will be sticked with multiple layers of fake skin used in breast enhancement operations. The most unbearable should be the 90% alcohol applied on his face before and after the makeup session as the alcohol would have a feeling of "direct absorb into the liver".

When makeup to 60-years-old, a wig and fake ears were prepared. Even Andy's fame "eagle nose" was not spared as his nose was pasted on with several layers of fake skin, even his nostrils was not spared either as alcohol was used to apply at its surrounding. To make the makeup more realistic, the makeup artist also prepared contact lenes of different age, as when one age, the glow of the eyes would differ. When looking at the 80-years-old look of Andy, one had to applause at the skill of the makeup artist. Andy quipped that he had become a fatso and muscleman, now an old man, he doesn't know what other special effect he had yet to try.

It was heard that "an old man makeup Andy" created a few funny moments during shooting. There was once when the director and crew members were asked to wait for Andy while he was makeup in the makeup room, then it was shooting the scene when Andy was 60-years-old, after waiting for a long time, a crew member was asked to check if Andy was ready, but he was told that Andy had left the makeup room. Strangly, where did Andy go? After searching for some time, an unfamiliar old man was spotted in the studio and was asked where he came from, he was also asked to show his identification card. On seeing that he was going to be chased away, that old man exclaimed: "I'm Andy, I'm Andy." After that experience, several crew members were arranged to accompany Andy during his makeup process to prevent him from "getting lost."

news from: Sina.com