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| Thursday, August 18, 2005

Heavenly king Andy Lau's latest Mandarin album - All About Love had great sales results, other than a movie and radio drama of the same name, in September a comic will be release which delights Andy.

Fans would be able to pre-order the comic from Kingstone online bookstore and books.com.tw on 22 August, other than discount, fans also get a free Andy's comic poster.

Andy was delighted that because of the album, a comic book is released as it shows recognition of the album and also chances to display a different style of product which is hard to come by. The comic is structured to the songs of in the album which belongs to the love genre. The movie of the same name will hit the cinemas in October.

The comic author- Zhong Meng Shun who was well-known in the comic circle as his 'Sheng Shi Chuan Shou' and 'Yi Shan Dao Hai Fan Li Hua' won him first prize in Taipei Public Library Best Comic, he was also well verse in chinese painting, when told, Andy arranged to learn chinese painting from him. As the sales of his album broke the 1000,000 mark, he had promise the fans and media to jet to Taiwan to held a celebration dinner in Taiwan on Tuesday (23 August 2005).

news from: udnstars, Min Sang Pao, Apple Daily News