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| Monday, August 15, 2005

Andy Lau, Hacken Lee and Twins attended TVB's 2005 Jade Solid Gold Seasonal 2nd Selection last night and to create some creativity, TVB asked the singers to dressed up in uniforms.

Coincidentally Andy, Hacken and Twins wore scouts uniform as they quipped to form a group called A4. However, it's known that someone lodge a complaint that the singers wore the scout uniform without seeking permission thus might affect the image of scout.

Andy express that he was not wearing the scout uniform but rather a costume used in dramas, he feel that it was healthy and won't affect the image of scout. Hacken then reveal that he was once a scout and an ambassador of scout. Hacken whom was wearing the pants of scout said: "The scout uniform of Andy looks not bad, he should request for shorts, I apologise if any unrest was created."

news from: Oriental Daily News, SingTao News