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| Monday, August 22, 2005

Andy Lau was at Shanghai's Fudan University yesterday to communicate with the students. The university was surprised when told that Andy had a total of more than 100 movies and 120 albums within 20 years. When Andy expressed that he'll do his best when he does in a Hollywood project, the students present immediately applause to show their support.

For the promotion of his latest Mandarin album, when Andy went onstage, he immediately said "I Love You" to the students which create huge response. When the students were told that this album is Andy's 120th album, the students were surprised. Andy quipped that other being an artiste, he's also not too bad a song writer and hair stylist.

Some students wished Andy a happy birthday in advance, when asked of his birthday wish, Andy says: "I hope I'll look the same when I'm 70 or 80 years old." It was alleged that Andy's skin was damage due to the makeup for the movie Wail Til' You're Older, Andy immediatley showed the little scars near his mouth and says: "Just my skin sensitive, please don't worry."

Andy also expressed that he admire Matt Damon whom played his character of Lau in Hollywood version of Infernal Affairs, he exclaimed that if he encounter a good director or script from Hollywood, he'll do his best in the project and the students immediately applause to show their support for Andy.

In addition, one female student expressed that she once entrust Anthony Wong to send her regards to Andy, Andy then says: "Anthony's house recently got a break-in, he's having headaches, thus he forgotten!" When the female student ask Andy to send her regards to Anthony, Andy quipped: "I'm scared that my house also got a break-in.", the students present broke into laughters.

When asked which is his saddest moments as he cried the most, Andy exclaims: "It was then when a fan fall and hurt himself during my concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, I also paid him a visit but I received news of his death in the afternoon of my last night, I keep my own feelings intact and perform as usual, till the last song, I can't endure and cried." Therefore, nowadays whenever Andy perform at the Coliseum, he'll pray at the position where the fan had the accident.

news from: Apple Daily News, Sun News, Oriental Daily News