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| Sunday, September 18, 2005

Recently cheats in Taiwan used Andy Lau's name for fraud as the person cheated close to HK$3,000 for 11 items from a Taiwanese comestic company - Aesop. It was reported that a man claimed that he was from a certain recording company telephoned the company and claimed that Andy like to use products of the company and would like to use their products when he come for a photo shoot for a magazine.

When the company heard Andy's name thus didn't suspious and gave the cheat 11 items worth HK$3,000 first before paying, when Andy's management company was contacted and denied ordering from the company, Aesop then realise that the company was cheated.

Andy whom was in Hailing for his concert tour exclaimed that he was not sure what had happened as he only knew that some of his employee in Taiwan had saw someone using his name to recommend a product last week thus gave him a call for enquiry. Andy expressed that he didn't accepted any magazine interviews nor give introduction or said that he used the mentioned products, as this would be some legal issue thus lawyers were tasked to handle the matter. However, it was found out that it was not the company using his name for commercial purposes but rather cheat using his name to cheat the company.

Andy expressed that such actions was very low-class! Although the company was the losing party but nobody was hurt, but he wishes that everybody be careful as not to easily trust unreliable people's words. He also hope that the Taiwanese police could bring the cheat to justice soon to give all a warning.

news from: Ming Pao, Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao