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| Saturday, September 17, 2005

The movie - All About Love would be screened throughout South-east Asia at the end of October, director Derek Yu held a celebration party earlier where Andy Lau and Charlie Yeung attended. Whereas Charlene Choi had work on hand thus missing the chance to win a prize money of HK$5,000.

The celebration party was held at a karaoke bar where the highlight of the night was the lucky draw where the organiser prepared the items that were used in the movie to kept for remembrance, followed by cash money lucky draw. Being boss and lead actor, Andy won a light bulb used in the movie which lead him to be either happy nor sad. When it comes to the cash money lucky draw, he won the prize money of $500 but he decided to donate the $500 back for re-draw and further add in $5,000. Meanwhile, Charlie also donated $5,000 for the cash prizes, there was a total of close to $50,000 stand to be won.

As Andy had declare earlier than an absent winner's prize would be forfeited thus when Charlie picked the first $5,000 prize winner which happened to be the absent Charlene, thus her prize was forfeited and need to be re-drawn. When Charlene whom was working was told of the matter, she immediately exclaimed: "Ah ya! How could it happen! I never have any luck in lucky draw, never won any prize in a lucky draw! When I won the first time and it was forfeited, that's bad!"

After the lucky draw, Andy was the special guest of the karaoke session while Charlie sitting off stage as a fan to listen to Andy sing, unexpectedly after Andy had finished singing, everybody asked her to go onstage and sing, she claimed that she had not sang for many years thus she had forgot the lyrics, when the music video of her old songs some 10 years ago was broadcast on the projector screen, she was being dragged onstage by Andy to sing with Andy as her dancer, as she couldn't reject thus she just sing her song.

After she had finished her song, the audience shouted for encore, no matter what, she refuse to sing this time round and quipped: "Please don't broadcast my KTV video again! Help me! I wanted to laugh when I see how I looked in the past!"

NG scenes and comical post production scenes from the movie was also being broadcast which everybody watched and burst into laughters.

Charlie's first collaboration with Andy was in his music video - Qing Shi Nan Mo Ben, collaborating again after so many years, the feeling is still close and happy. For Andy's latest Mandarin album, she also cameo in his music videos. When asked why didn't she duet with Andy for the movie's theme song, she exclaimed that she had no intention making a comeback to sining as she prefer acting!

news from: Ta Kung Pao, SingPao, MingPao, Oriental Daily News