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| Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Focus Film invested movie - All About Love will be screeened in the middle of October, on seeing the cushy photograph of Andy Lau and Charlie Yeung lying on the bed, without second thoughts the movie company picked it for the poster of the movie, thus Andy, Charlie and Charlene Choi would be sleeping in the view of the public at Causeway Bay, it was estimated that up to 3 million people would see the giant poster every day.

With regards to his sleeping posture being displayed in public, Andy quipped that it doesn't matter, he says: "I already tried putting my bathing photographs in my album, sleeping is not a problem as it's very normal. As everybody said that I'm a superman as if I need not eat nor sleep and was working at all times, thus I seize the chance to sleep for all to see! Haha."

Whereas Charlene whom was a lazy bum, when the lights was switched off on the day of shooting, she immediately fall asleep on bed. When discovered by Andy, he lift himself off the bed and shouted loud to the crew members: "Wei, can you be faster! Ah Sa had fallen asleep! No need to shoot!"

Andy's voice woke Charlene up as she quickly exclaimed: "I didn't fall asleep..." Andy then quipped: "Had to scare you! You dare to sleep when you're shooting a bed scene with me for the first time! Don't you give me face? Hahaha."

Thus both of them showed a V-sign to take a photograph for remembrance.

With regards to her sleeping posture being displayed to the public, Charlene exclaimed that it was not a problem to her as the poster is very pretty as she's prepared to request a copy from the movie company as remembrance, "It's okay as long that it's beautifully taken!"

With regards to the photograph shoot with Charlie was carried out at a temperature of 40 degrees C as the weather was very hot on the day of shooting, the house used for shooting was at a rural area and the air-con had to be off for live recording, they almost couldn't breathe, it was a torture with the blanket, the photograph shoot was completed in 5 minutes.

When shooting the bed scene, Andy discover that Charlie looked stoned in the hot weather thus he performed magic to keep her awake.

In October, there would be 2 Andy Lau movies which is Wait Till You're Older and All About Love will be screened, both the 2 movies chose to place their posters at the buzzy cross junction of Causeway Bay, thus allowing Andy to sleep in public with Charlie and Charlene, followed by transforming himself old and sat on the tree to look at the crowd.

With regards to the 2 movies competing against each other, Andy think that it was not a problem as he says: "We're not competing against each other, both of us just make the wise selection, chose a good location for promotion. Two movies are my movies, of course I hope they do well. Now you can see me, no matter you're shooping, on the buses or cars, even can see me when crossing the road, is'nt it great!"

news from: Sina.com