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| Monday, September 05, 2005

Last night, thousands of Andy Lau's fans in He-nan would have a sleepless night as 2005 Andy Lau Zhengzhou Concert was held in a 50,000 capacity He-nan stadium.

On the night, among the audiences' screams, the 2 gaint red door opened and Andy appeared on the stage to open the concert with 'Wo Heng Wo Chi Xin'. A concert that almost last 3 hours, Andy sang close to a total of 30 songs. Andy meet the audience with multiple images which includes the first-time cowboy look, samfoo, armour and the white pigeon tail robe when he sang 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian', Andy had a total of 10 costume changes.

In addition, the stage was full of traps which allows Andy to show off his charisma. When he was singing 'Gu Xin Lei', the stage suddenly raise Andy to a greater height to allow the audience to have a closer contact with him. When singing 'Zhong Guo Ren', Andy wore a red feather hat, riding on a horse, showing off his heroic side. Andy also appeared as the fatso image in Love On A Diet.

In between the concert, Andy's communication with the audience reacted with screams. Andy said that he remembered the last time he perform in Zhengzhou which is unforgettable. With much more supporters, it touches him and not to disappoint his fans, he wanted to sing till he's 80-years-old. He asked the fans thrice if they will be there to support him when he hold a concert when he's 80-years-old, they gave a loud reply of "Yes!" thrice. Andy also exclaimed that he feel that he's a megastar but him himself is useless without the support of the fans. He exclaimed that he'll remember every fan as without them, he would be left with nothing.

After the concert had ended, the fans refuse to leave the stadium.

news from: Ta Kung Pao