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| Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Recently Andy Lau started the Part II of his concert tour in Mainland China, till now he had performed in Xi-an, Zhengzhou and Wuxi. When he was staging his concert in Zhengzhou, he took some time off and seize the chance to visit the Shaolin Temple as he managed to witness the well known Shaolin wu shu.

Although Andy missed the chance to visit the Bing Ma Yong at Xi-an but Andy set off early in the morning to visit Wu Lin's (pugilistic world) sacred place - Shaolin Temple. There, he managed to catch the wu shu performance by the young Shaolin disciples as he admire their 'tie tou gong' (iron head skills), Andy says: "It all depended on their head, even they used their head when somersaulting, they're great. It's a pity I didn't see 'jin gan tui' (golden leg), maybe they're resting or when filming, there was no performance."

When asked if Andy is interested to learn from Shaolin? Andy quipped: "Where got time? Learning wu shu must start from young as the bones are more flexible, my bones had harden, when I was filming House of the Flying Daggers, Zhang Yimou send a wu shu shifu to teach me, I was screaming out loud when he helped me to stretch my tendons, it's so painful, although I did stretch my tendons everyday at home but I couldn't be as flexible and relax like the children of Shaolin, I can't even do a split, I'm more confident to better my dancing."

After visiting Shaolin, Andy bought a Shaolin singlet and wore it immediately to take some photographs as remembrance. Andy then wore the singlet to rehearse.

During the concert, Andy wore the singlet when he appeared as the Running On Karma image as he transformed into a Shaolin warrior, screams and cheers were heard when he appeared in front of the audience as he says: "Must blend into the culture of Zhengzhou, I specially bought the singlet and wear for all to see."

In addition, there was black market tickets for his Mainland China concerts, even some fans try all sorts of methods like buying black market tickets, climb the wall or pushed down the gate to sneak into the venue, the crew member forecast that almost 90,000 or 100,000 attended the Wuxi concert.

Andy personally witness the chaotic scene when close to 500 rushed into the stadium as policemen and securities were called to control the crowd, Andy says: "Fans whom didn't buy tickets used all sorts of methods to enter the venue, I understand that as I also wanted to watch myself perform, but safety is more important."

news from: Apple Daily News, Sun News, MingPao