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| Friday, September 09, 2005

Andy Lau's Vision Tour 2005 in Malaysia had been well recieved and the organiser may add another night.

Absolute Entertainment director Mr. Ng expressed in the concert's press conference that it will be the only stop in South-east Asia and the first stop for it's world tour, although Andy didn't have time to attend the press conference but the Malaysians' love for Andy still can be seen.

The concert would be held on 10 December at Medeka Stadium. If the ticket sales is well recieved, the organiser didn't discard the possibility of adding another night to allow fans to witness the important moment of Andy's showbiz career.

"Andy had prepared more than 40 songs which includes his old songs and latest songs in his new album, there will be one segment where fans could dedicate songs. There will be only 25,000 tickets, if it's sold-out in October, I'll consider adding another night as I wanted fans to watch this anticipated concert.

Mr. Ng express that the production team will spend millions to create a great stage as it would be 7-storey high and 80 meters width, as large as a soccer field. "This will be Kuala Lumpur's largest stage in history and it would be more grand than previous concerts." He revealed that there won't be any special performing guest but the outstanding band and strong production team, in addition to Andy's multiple image, it'll be ticket worth for the fans.

The advance booking will be in Berjaya Times Square between 15-18 September. On the advance booking promotion on 15 September, sponser Sprt Toto will give away 300 tickets to fans. It's known that overseas fans had already telephone the company for details and fans from Hong Kong had already ordered thousands over tickets, the response is good.

From 19 September, the public could book the tickets at http://www.absolute-entertainment.com/ or through their hotline 03-77115000. Fans could also buy their tickets at Star Book Store and the ticket booth at Berjaya Times Square. The price of the tickets are RM$348, RM$278, RM$258, RM$238, RM$178, RM$138 and RM$68 with an additional of RM$2 administration fees.

news from: Sinchew