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| Thursday, September 08, 2005

How scary is Andy Lau's attraction? If you want to find out his charisma, tonight, 2005 Andy Lau Mainland China tour will kicks off in Linzi Culture Centre as fans will get to see the charisma of heavenly king megastar Andy Lau.

According to the reporter, the preparation of the concert had completed as the crew members had already arranged and cleaned the seats. After 12 noon, all policemen were cleared off the venue as crew members need to check the stage, sound system and lightings to prevent things to go wrong.

Andy's fans were worried of his health due to the tight schedule of this concert tour. With regards to this, Andy also expressed that no matter how tired he is, he'll rehearse everyday as he wanted to give his fans a 100 marks performance!

The reporter understand from the organising committee that "no photography, recording and broadcasting" for this concert which is a norm as Andy want the fans to have their tickets worth. In the meantime, it was advised that fans entered the venue early as it would be a strong audience capacity.

Andy appeared around 20:00 hours yesterday for rehearsal as within a short period of 1 hour, he had sang a total of 10 songs as it will be the last rehearsal for tonight's performance.

With many fans waiting for him, Andy whom was dressed in a black T-shirt and shorts with white track shoes arrived in a black salon car, the fans screamed immediately upon his appearance.

Within 1 hour, Andy sang his classic songs and including 'Zai Shou Yi Chi Wo Ai Ni' from his latest Mandarin album, it's for sure that the songs that he sang during rehearsal would be included in his concert tonight.

Although it's just a rehearsal, Andy still put his effort in his singing as one fan exclaimed: "He really sing the songs, a total of 34 songs, it's not easy to remember all the lyrics!" From what was seen at the rehearsal, the settings of the stage accomodating the content of the songs thus forming a story. Some said that it was the plus point in Andy's concert which sometimes neglect his singing.

Maybe for his safety, Andy checked with the crew member if the wall's structure was steady after singing one song. He asked the crew member: "Is it steady?" After being told that it was steady, he then climb onto it for some testing before continue his rehearsal after confirming that things was fine.

From the rehearsal, it can be seen that the stage designer had spent quite a big effort as the raising platforms were installed in places that you less expected, less say the exciting lightings and excellent sound system, this will be what the fans be expected of in the concert. One point to note, other than the European style wall, there is also a Chinese style red door. Although the horse and lion did not appeared during the rehearsal but these will appear during the concert. Throughout the rehearsal, no dancers were spotted, thus it become an anticipation for the concert.

As news of the rehearsal was revealed in the papers yesterday, thousand of people gathered to watch him rehearse, surprisingly, most of them are middle-aged males. For safety reasons, only 300 fans were allowed to enter to watch the rehearsal, thus this special group was label as "lucky" for those left outside. When the music sounds, Andy sang 'Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui', maybe due to the fans being too far from the stage, they didn't know that Andy was singing live as they thought he was just moving around on stage with the microphone. When they realise, screams, applause and cheers immediatley came.

There was one female fan whose sight never left Andy throughout the 1 hour as she kept waving her hand, singing along with Andy, jumping, smiling and screaming out loud. There was also a 70-years-old couple as they exclaimed: "Who said that old people can't have idols, we're 70-years-old, but we still love Andy Lau, love his songs and movies." The old couple specially close their shop to catch a glimpse of Andy. They also brought a binoculars and fighting each other for it in order to catch Andy's movement and expression.

news from: lznews.cn