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| Thursday, September 08, 2005

[Short note: Free online translator was used, thus the article was translated to certain accuracy, hope you'll understand.]

The Hong Kong movie - Jiang Hu (titled as Velvet Rain in Japan) which will release on 8th October starring Andy Lau, visited Japan. Andy whom fascinates in the world in The LOVERS (House of the Flying Daggers) is now the worldwide star which is not just Hong Kong! The reporter whom interview him becomes tense as he waited for him at the certain Shinjuku high-class hotel.

In the afternoon, with a cup of coffee in one hand looked relaxed in his hotel suite. It seems that he had yet taken his breakfast as the butter and pancake was lying on the table, left untouched, probably Andy is watching his calorie or....

Despite his busy schedule, Andy did not show the fatigue, as he answered the questions concerning the movie politely and truth.

Being impressive came out of a The reporter was impressed with him in one scene of the movie where he hold the baby and peel the skin of the apple. With regards to that, Andy exclaimed that it's celibacy nobility as he was brought up in the large family where there are many sibling is many thus he's accustomed to it as he talked about his family with a smiling face. He asked the reporter:"Don't you think it's normal for the older brother to skin the apple for his siblings at home? "

When comes to photographing, you cannot imagine the youth of 43-years-old Andy as he answered the demand of the cameraman with one after another, showing various facial expressions.

After the interview is completed, "Thank you!" Andy said to the reporter with a refreshing smiling face, thus leaving a good impression. Please support a talented star and keep mounding the Hong Kong movie!

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