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| Thursday, October 13, 2005

Andy Lau whom was never late was late for 30 minutes when he attend the All About Love press conference in Shenzhen, this is the first time in Andy's career, thus the press conference on 12 October kicks off with "explaination".

Other than the many reporters present, there are also many Andy and Charlie Yeung's fans as some even came all the way from Hong Kong, the premiere at 3 different cinemas were also jam packed as 1500 tickets were sold out, it can be seem the attraction of heavenly king Lau.

Actually Andy and Charlie arrived at the press conference venue one and half hour early but Andy's makeup artist was late and his manage insist that he require makeup to attend the press conference, thus the reporters and fans had to wait. Andy's makeup artist was held up as his flight from Chongqing was delayed. Andy said that this was the first time that he waited for his makeup artist.

Earlier, Andy's suggestion of gathering best actors in a movie to save the movie industry cause quite an effect in showbiz with Johnnie To referred him as childish. With regards to the after-effects, Andy explains that when he suggested best actors to save the movie industry, he didn't really thought of the result as he was asked during an interview and the idea just came to his mind. With regards to Johnnie and others disagreement, he expressed that he was not hurt and hope the media don't think that he was hurt.

So, does Andy really think that casting best actors in a movie can save the movie industry? He answers: "Not really. Because movie is on a whole, just depending on best actors is not good, saving an industry with one movie is impossible, I feel that people need to work hard and go in a good direction, you can't do nothing and see the market slowly shrink away."

From Wait 'Til You're Older to All About Love, Andy pin point his sight on family relationships and love as both movies expressed "life is short, cherish the person beside you and your own life", does it relate to his age? To that, Andy admit that he ran too fast in the past as he concentrate on his work too much and didn't enjoy life, now he found out the importance of family and life.

Then being 43-years-old, he had no intention of getting married and had children to experience a normal family life, he exclaim that he was still planning and considering as he will informed the media when he get married and have children. However he was very worried that if he's really married, the media will watch his family more closely and make his family suffer: "If they suffer, I'll suffer more. I hope they could live in a healthy space, if the media environment doesn't change, I can only hide."

A busy Andy like to read what kind of books? Andy highly recommend a fairytale - Little Prince as he told the reporter that he read the book in different stages of his life and have different rewards. Andy whom like fairytale, when talked about Charlie's return to showbiz, he says: "Everyone had their reason when they chose to return, thus I hope everybody treat her better."

news from: http://www.sznews.com