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| Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Earlier Andy Lau, Charlie Yeung, Charlene Choi and "little Maggie Cheung" Amber Xu were in Beijing for the promotion of All About Love. When interviewed, both Charlie and Charlene gave Andy 100 marks for being a husband, when told Andy says: "100 marks! Haha! They really knows how to say things to make me happy, I think I'm a very good partner to work with, whereas will I get 100 marks as a husband, I'm not too sure as I'm not married! I'll tell all of you after I'm married if I'm 100 marks!"

Andy's recent movies were very touching, thus the Mainland China's media described him as "touching angel" as he always makes the audience to cry, Andy says: "Actually I like to produce movies that will bring good message to the audience, take Wait 'Til You're Older for example, it bring the message "life cannot go one more time", meanwhile All About Love tells you"don't regret until you lost it", even Mo Zi bring a message of love rather than war."

Andylau.com was selling a braclet which was engrave with All About Love where Andy gave Charlene in the movie, Andy specially brought a few to Beijing to give Charlie and Charlene, the response is great as it was sold out very fast, Charlene alone had 4 of them as she like to learn magic from Andy. Meanwhile Charlie wore the bracelet immediately, when the compere request her to perform, Andy immediately came to her resuce as she quipped that it's better for the master to perform.

In addition, when Andy and Charlie was promoting the movie in Chongqing, their trip was rather low profile as Chongqing was having the 5th Asian City Mayor meeting to prevent any commotion created when fans heard of news that their idol was in town, thus they stayed only for 3 hours, even the local media did not know that they were in town.

news from: Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po