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| Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Andy Lau's All About Love will premiere in Beijing, its cast Andy, Charlie Yeung, Charlene Choi, Allen Lam and John Sun will attend the premiere. After the press conference, Andy was the special guest of Sina's Entertainment chatroom as he talks about his latest movie.

Reporter (R): Today your image looked rather rugged, it's rather different from the previous refreshing look.

Andy (A): This is my preparation for the shooting of Mo Zi Gong Yue, the character need this.

R: This movie started shooting in Mongolia, are you involved?

A: I'll be involved after 16 October.

R: So what will be the first scene that you'll be shooting?

A: I was not told yet.

R: Then let's talk about All About Love, first had to congratulate that your album is selling well worldwide.

A: Thanks.

R: Let's hope your movie could also obtain such good result at the box office. You invested in the movie and yourself in the cast, why would you want to invest in such a movie? What moved you?

A: I like this movie very much. Becasue nowadays seldom people will produce such movie, we waited so long for Wait 'Til You're Older, it gets nervous when asked people to produce love story movies, thus I invested myself.

R: You specially like this type of love artistic story?

A: Not really specially like, don't you feel that there's lack of such movies in the market now?

R: Talking about the small market, it made me remember about your suggestion of gathering 5 best actors to collaborate in a movie to save the industry, some was excited and some had different views, how you looked at the remarks?

A: It doesn't matter, they're saying out their thoughts. If someone like this idea, they will join me. If they don't like, I will moved them slowly, this is not a today tomorrow matter.

R: There's a report that Johnnie To saying that you're a very productive actor. Currently you had 135 movies, now there are 2 movies screening at the same time, don't you feel that you're too productive?

A: How is it?

R: Do you feel pressurise, as the screening time is so near.

A: Not pressurise, that's not I can control, I also hope that it will be screened during Christmas but the company said that the schedule is full, we had no choice, don't tell me to screened next year? This is not possible.

R: It seems that many things is beyond your control, disappointed?

A: You can't say it this way, the world is like this, not everybody played a fair game with you, nobody playing with you, big companies had their own operations, maybe they faced more sort of things, they may plan earlier, for us whom do things urgently, it's different.

R: When you invested in All About Love yourself, do you have more freedom?

A: Nope.

R: You're an investor, actor and director, are you pressurise?

A: If I think that way I won't be investing, because when you find a director, you must give him space to venture.

R: When you invest in this movie, do you have thought of nurturing new directors?

A: You can say it this way. Actually didn't thought of it so much, I think we should produce such theme movie, I never thought of the front and back.

R: In the movie, you acted 2 different characters, is that a kick to you? Having huge pressure?

A: Not much pressure, it's kinda a kick.

R: With regards to the 2 female leads, what's your feeling about them?

A: I feel that they're great, I hope I can collaborate with them again.

R: Charlene mentioned that she feel pressurise when shooting this movie as she afraid that you see her cross eye and dripping saliva, because she's nervous, you noticed that?

A: Nope.

R: Charlene also mentioned that she had huge pressure when filming bed scenes, but she feel that it's great and a good memory to her, what about you?

A: To me, filmimg a movie and having a love relationship with the female lead is enjoyable, basically she gave me a lesson on love. Actually everybody had different requirements, when shooting with Charlene, she need to rest, while Charlie require encouragement, I learnt many things.

R: Charlene is a very simple girl in the movie as she gave her all for her husband. Whereas Charlie is a totally different girl, very mature, what's your feeling?

A: I feel that simple and mature was found on both of them, but due to Charlene's character had died and did not reach that extent. But when one is older, had more experiences, she'll know to protect herself.

R: I heard that this movie is nominated for Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards?

A: Not nominated, just registered.

R: So do you have confidence in this movie as it will get nominated in many awards bext year?

A: I tell you when it's nominated.

R: To you, awards are recognition or encouragment to you?

A: Both. But everything we do is not for winning awards, but others. I just feel that this time should have this kind of movie.

R: You mentioned that because of the market, so you invested yourself, what's your standard when investing in a movie?

A: Very simple, I like it will do.

R: We mentioned before that you missed the chance to collaborate with Xu Jing Lei in Letter from an Unknown.

A: Well, it's not missed chance, you didn't approach me.

R: So will you join the cast of Xu's new movie - Days in the Palace?

A: I'm not sure of her Wu Zetian movie but I hope I've the chance, I'm not sure when she start shooting as I only have time next year.

R: Why you specially wanted to collaborate with Xu?

A: She's one of the director that I wish to collaborate with, I also like to collaborate with Lu Chuan, Tian Zhuang Zhuang and many more.

R: Although All About Love had yet being screended, but I watch the last part of the movie where you ate an orange which is similiar to a scene in World Without Thieves, you thought about that?

A: The feeling si the same, should be different, you watched only half of it, just a bit, in the end, he did all the things for Charlene, after doing all the things, he feel that he's in line with her, although they could not be together. When Charlene is sick, he also feed her orange as he said that vitamin is good because he's a doctor. You just watched a little, there's more little things you yet watched.

R: It make me wanted to watch the movie more.

A: The day is near, no worries.

R: Do you have any expectation of the movie?

A: I don't dare, really. Because I thought that Wait 'Til you're Older will do really well but it disappoints. I not sure why the pirates are very good nowadays. I not sure if everyone had watched, I think the distributor should help, because the previous movie distribution is not done well, actually it's a very good movie, I feel that if you didn't watch Wait 'Til you're Older in the cinemas, I hope you should find a chance to watch it.

R: Your time is precious, very delighted to see you in Sina again.

news from: Sina.com