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| Thursday, October 13, 2005

Earlier Andy Lau was in Chongqing to promote his movie - All About Love, according to Internet news, when interviewed he was asked what sort of movie would he like to shoot, he says: "I hope I could follow the footstep of Stephen Chow to be in a high budget comedy, if it's possible to put Shaolin kungfu and magic into a comedy, it would be very special."

When asked that many pointed out that Wong Jing's comedies were lousy movies, Andy express that he admire Wong Jing and pointed out that he mature in lousy movies.

Although Andy had a short stay in Chongqing but within a short time he spent a few thousands reminbi as they didn't took normal jet plane to Chongqing but rather a private jet, there were even 2 police cars to open the road for their plane to touch down.

news from: Sun News, Apple Daily News