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| Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Does moustache Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau looked like the illustration of Mo Zi in history textbooks? You have the answer today as Andy kept his moustache for his new movie's image, so that we could compare.

A handsome Andy forget to shave his moustache but still managed to attract large group of fans. Still remember that someone discover that he looked like the illustration of Mo Zi in history textbooks, now Andy had kept his moustache, let's compare, one man from the past and another from present, do they reallu looked alike?

It need no guessing that he's preparing for the image of his new movie, with fans' love, ugly man will become handsome, Andy doesn't think so as he said that it's for the convience of shooting!

Andy will become Mo Zi, it can be considered as concidence or the director had a good eyesight as Andy's moustache image also appeared in his new movie - All About Love but the movie has a sad ending as his lovers in the movie passed away but during the promotional activity, he played and hugged his father-in-law of the movie on the bed.

news from: TVBS E-NEws