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| Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The press conference of All About Love was held at China World Hotel yesterday's afternoon. Director Derek Yu, the cast - Charlie Yeung, Charlene Choi, Amber Xu, Allen Lam and Andy Lau was presented. The whole group will attend the movie's premiere at Grand Century cinema at night.

Andy exclaimed that this is not his first self-invested movie, he says: "I've invested in several movies in the past, but all lost money, hope this movie will do well to become the first movie that I invested that will earn money." He added: "I hope to produce a good love story movie to represent my understanding of love, hope to bring indications and moved the audience. How to control your time, every second, you need to tell your loved one - I Love You."

With regards to his huge age difference with Charlene and was husband and wife in the movie, an experience Andy tells that age is not a problem in love. "Actually I've collaborate with many popular actresses, there's Brigitte Lin, Gigi Chi had become my girlfriend in the movies before, most importantly is the feelings."

Other than his new movie, Andy also talked about the shooting of Mo Zi and battle for the best actor award. All About Love will be screened on 20 October.

Although he was promoting All About Love, but Andy didn't mind singing praise of other movies as when asked which movie - All About Love, A World Without Thieves, Yesterday Once More or Wait 'Til You're Older to win him the best actor award, Andy answers: "A World Without Thieves or Wait 'Til You're Older." Why his answer is not the soon-to-be-screened All About Love? Andy quoted that it was a difference between his large and small love as his large love are A World Without Thieves or Wait 'Til You're Older whereas All About Love and Yesterday Once More are his small love. From his views, he think that themes with large love had a higher chance of winning awards. In addition, andy hope to win the award with his acting rather than being an idol. He express: "I'm not so much of an idol in A World Without Thieves and Wait 'Til You're Older."

Andy was dressed rather casually and had a moustache similiar to his looks in A Fighter's Blues. While Charlie and Charlene expose Andy was having fake moustache in the movie, the reporters started to wonder if Andy's moustache was sticked on. Andy immediately explains as he claim that his moustache is real as he grow it for Mo Zi. In his next movie, Andy will become Mo Zi's disciple Ge Li. In the original comic, Ge Li is a ugly, balding, fat and short person but Andy revealed that he need not to be as ugly as the Ge Li's character in the comic. "The director told me that he hoped my image to have male charisma and not as ugly as in the comic, if I would to be the same as the comic, Eric Tsang will do fine, why approach me?" For male charisma, Andy kept his moustache and quipped to reporters: "I kept it to show to the director, if he thinks it's not suitable, that I'll shave it off."

Andy's recent popularity is indeed higher recently, other than his movies screening in the cinema, his drama serial - Duke of the Mount Deer is also being boradcast on TV, it makes one thinks that the evergreen Andy had been in showbiz for so many years. Although time had past, but Andy express that his mentality is still the same as the Kang Xi with baby fat, he says: "I still love my job! Although time had passed and my looks had changed but my love to movies had not decreased!" This shows that Andy is very optimistic with Hong Kong's movie industry. Jackie Chan had mentioned that Chinese movie had been under attacked by Korean movies but Andy doesn't mind about the attack as he thinks that there are strongest movies in a period of time, if everybody get together, there's nothing to be afraid, he says: "Togetherness is an improvement."

news from: Beijing Morning Daily, Sina.com